VIDEO: What is a Dustopper?

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A Dustopper is a dust separator that acts as an attachment to your wet/dry vacuum that collects 99% of dust before it enters the vacuum. We’ve designed it to be low cost, low profile and it sets up in under a minute. 

If you spend a lot of time in the shop, you already know that good dust separation is important for keeping dust from clogging your vacuum’s filter. Because eventually your filter is going to clog, you’re going to lose suction power and you’re going to have to spend time cleaning your filter or going out to buy a new one. With the Dustopper collecting the majority of that dust before it enters your vacuum, it is going to prolong filter life saving you time, money, and reduce the amount of waste that comes from throwing away bad filters. That all being said, the Dustopper is not a replacement for your filter as there is still extremely fine dust that dust separation cannot collect and your filter has to be there to grab those particles. 

When you purchase the Dustopper, three things are included: the separator, a 90-degree elbow and a 36” hose with a 2.5” diameter. Easily snap the Dustopper onto a 5-gallon bucket and you’re ready to hook up to your vacuum.

The Dustopper has a small, low-profile size that makes it effortless to fit into any workspace. All this separated dust drops right into the bucket where it is easily disposed of and contained. Along with our setup under our saw stop, we also have one tucked away behind our midersaw and one that is mobile so we can take it on anywhere in the shop.

So now you have learned a little bit more about the Dustopper and you have seen how we set it up in our shop. We have really enjoyed seeing the different ways you have been setting it up in yours, so please keep sending us your great ideas. If you enjoy the Dustopper, give us a like on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Share something with us in the comments, if you like. We do read all of those and we enjoy the conversation.


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